Vancouver based fitness business offering personal fitness equipment rentals, personal training and more.

Who We Are?

Cormac McCarthy, owner & operator of Shamrock Fitness Services. In the fitness industry since 2012, Cormac worked in gyms all the way through college until obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in Sport & Exercise Management from his hometown of Cork, Ireland. Moving to Canada in 2016, Cormac's career quickly accelerated. With experience in fitness management, trainer education, mentorship and corporate wellness, Cormac saw a gap in the market for individual fitness services that needed to be filled.

What We Do?

In short, we do fitness from all angles. Whether you want a regular long term trainer that you see several days per week, or a more casual remote training service to give you guidance in your own workouts, we've got you covered. For your home workouts, we offer Equipment Rentals. If you have the space and financial means, we offer Commercial & Residential Gym Design. For your office, we offer Corporate Wellness Programs and if you're in a different timezone, Virtual Personal Training will keep you moving. See our Services page for more details on what we do.

Why We Do It?

The human body is the most valuable asset you'll ever own. No matter who you are, we believe you truly cannot live a fully happy and healthy life without taking care of your basic physical and mental health. Personal Training is the pinnacle of what we do, but the wider range of services we offer are provided to help the greater population - whether that's through online platforms, professional settings or equipping you with home workout material.